About 2020 Visuals

2020 Visuals is an independent digital media agency that tells stories by merging social media with the real world. We partner with brands to build custom solutions for their specific business needs through content strategy, brand strategy, and design.

About ALex


Alex Dorner grew up in Grand Forks, ND where he attended the University of North Dakota. At UND, he earned a degree in Business Management and minors in Sports Business and Communications. Alex had been involved in business and marketing his whole life but didn't get into content creation until he moved to Austin, TX in 2013. In Austin, he worked for Besomebody, Inc as their Social Media and Content Director for the last 4 years. Alex recently moved from Austin, TX back to the Twin Cities with his girlfriend Kree and their two dogs, Toby & Zoey. Alex's passion for authentic storytelling and making people feel good about themselves through their stories is what inspired him to start 2020 Visuals. Here's a short list of other things Alex is into: astrophotography, timelapses, hyperlapses, drones, pineapple pizza, chocolate malts, queso on everything, music festivals, hiking, Jack's Mannequin, Childish Gambino, True Detective, Breaking Bad, and much more...


Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat: @alexjdorner